What Clients Are Saying

Nadine, CA

Taylor, Rhode Island



Nina has been such an invaluable fertility coach during my egg freezing journey. She is always dedicated to helping me with questions regarding my egg retrievals and egg health. The fertility resources she has provided me with have helped me save time and money. She has given me a sense of peace because I know I’ll always have an friend in my corner that is always looking out for my best interests. 


Nina has always been one of my biggest supporters. I was about 7.5 months pregnant, I started to feel signs that I was going into early labor. The doctors had seen us and told us it was just a “fluke”. When I had told Nina what had happened, she was genuinely concerned and cared how I was doing. 

She immediately called me and said… “Taylor, listen to your gut and your body. Nobody knows your body like you do. If you feel something is wrong, listen to the signs” Well, Nina was right. The Dr. from the night before said, I do not know how we missed this but you are in premature labor. I delivered my sweet baby boy at 33 weeks and 2 days. If I didn’t listen to my body like Nina had said, things could have turned for the worse. I thank god ever day that my baby boy is with us and healthy.


Infertility is challenging. Aside from the repeated disappointments and challenges, the patient must be able and willing to advocate for themselves. Having Nina as my Fertility Coach was empowering. She was in my corner from the very beginning of this journey. After reviewing my case, she recommended key indicators and tests. After each procedure or test, she followed up with me to make sure that I understood what was done and what the next steps would be. We are conditioned to rely on the medical professionals as the experts. However, unless someone has experienced the ups and downs of infertility, it is impossible for them to fully understand the complexities involved. With Jenine’s help and encouragement, I am well on my way to realizing my dream of starting a family. This would not be possible without her support and I am eternally grateful to have her on my team.