Did you know that 59% of women nationally reported that fertility and family planning has negatively impacted their work performance, due to stress and anxiety?

Women struggling with infertility have the same levels of anxiety and depression as women diagnosed with cancer. We know that navigating the process alone can be emotionally and physically challenging.

BrookHaven Coaching takes a compassionate and research based approach to support a healthy mindset and the emotional needs of your employee.

​By offering support, employers can help minimize distractions and stress that employees may face during fertility treatments. This can contribute to a positive workplace culture, employee well-being, and overall organizational success.

Did You Know?

Harvard Study

55% of women who had completed a mind-body program and 54% of women who participated in a support group became pregnant within a year, as compared to only 20% in a control group that received medical treatment alone.

Boston Study

A study conducted at Boston IVF , a leading fertility center, showed that women who had participated in a stress-management program before or during their second in-vitro fertilization cycle had a 160% greater pregnancy rate than women who had not.

Imagine Helping Your Employee

  • Feel supported throughout their fertility journey

  • Reduce stress and overwhelm at home and at work

  • Cultivate a healthy mindset

  • Feel empowered during fertility treatments

Here's How?

  • Virtual Mind-Body Fertility Workshops
  • 1:1 Fertility Support
  • On Demand Mind-Body Fertility Classes
  • Preconception Preparation

We'll Be Tackling Topics Such As

  • Reframing worry thoughts
  • Stress reduction strategies
  • Coping with diagnosis and treatment
  • Coping with loss and grief Improving
  • Lifestyle factors to enhance fertility

    The Results

    • Increased productivity
    • Improved moral
    • Greater retention rates
    • Reduced absenteeism
    • Talent attraction

    My role as a Fertility Workplace Coach is to support organizations such as yours to provide education and training programs to ensure your employees’ wellbeing is at the forefront of your business. Together we can make a positive impact on employee health, happiness and productivity!